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Our Programs

For less than a cup of coffee a day, you can

save lives

by feeding a family
​of 4 for a year

We focus on the capabilities of our participants by meeting their physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral needs, and promoting independence. We offer a safe space for participants to be their unique selves and have success with the support of horse partners, volunteers, and PATH certified instructors.

Therapeutic Horsemanship & Riding - These programs utilize the gentle and rhythmic movement of the horse which is similar to the human gait. This helps to  improve each participant’s flexibility, balance, muscle strength and coordination, while building confidence, patience, and self-esteem.  

Life Skills - This program partners with local school  district’s special education classrooms to further build student’s skills in a non-traditional setting. Students    participate in station work focusing on building independence, decision making, problem solving, communication, empathy and self-awareness skills that they can take back to school & home.

Reading Round Pen - This program gives struggling learners a safe space, encouragement, and the support to build self confidence, learning & literacy skills. Each student has a horse partner to read or do homework with followed by grooming to further the horse/human connection. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION IN 2024!

Senior Supports - The horses bring companionship, joy & love to senior citizens. Many stories are shared while building horsemanship skills giving a sense of worth and community to participants. This program is offered at the Spirit TRC arena, as well as within assisted living, skilled nursing and senior community centers & homes.  

Summer Day Camp - There are multiple themed camps open to school age children of all abilities. Each 3 day camp is filled with fun individual and group activities, horsemanship/riding, crafts, snacks, games and FUN!  Click 'Register Here' for more information and to register.  STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION IN 2024!