For less than a cup of coffee a day, you can

save lives

by feeding a family
​of 4 for a year

I  am honored and blessed with my family and friends that have supported this amazing journey…

Thank You all! 

Thank You to my sister Teri and her husband Bill for telling me about Little Bit, listening to my stories and encouraging me to dream. You are amazing supporters and I appreciate the dedication and time you have given to the birth of Spirit TRC and its continued growth. 

A Special Thank You...

PATH Intl. changes and enriches lives by promoting excellence in equine assisted  activities through certification of member centers and various educational resources. The association is a global authority, adovcate and true test for showing just how the power of a horse can change lives. 

Spirit TRC has been a proud member of PATH Intl. since 2006. For more information about PATH Intl. visit their website at

Dreams Do Come True...

I continued my volunteering at Little Bit incorporating teaching some classes for them that would go towards hours to become certified as a riding instructor through PATH. I traveled to Arizona for an instruction certifications workshop which finalized my certification and came home a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor. Spirit TRC opened it's doors in August 2006. 

As a little girl, my love of horses came naturally as our family had a small farm with horses. I did not get to grow up with horses all my life as our family dynamics changed, but I always found ways to be around horses every chance I had. I lived in the city for many years and when I had the chance to move back to Ellensburg, WA, I couldn't wait. I again found myself wanting to be around horses, the joy and peace I feel being around these amazing animals is unexplainable. My desire to always be involved and around horses is all part of how Spirit TRC has become my dream come true for which I am truly blessed. 

About Us

I was going through a rough time in my life and wanted to share horses with people that did not have this opportunity. My sister and her husband informed me of Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center in Woodinville, WA, where I quickly started volunteering. Every Saturday I would drive two hours to volunteer in three classes. Seeing the riders with special needs feeling free on the back of a horse, gave me a sense of empowerment. Shocked by this feeling, I knew that therapeutic riding has to come to Ellensburg. Thus my dream to open a center was clear.

Hello, my name is Evelyn Pederson, the founder of Spirit TRC. It is an honor to introduce myself and welcome you to Spirit Therapeutic Riding Center. You will find warmth in my smile and tears of joy in my eyes. I will be the first one to inspire and encourage you to be the best that you can be.

I am a cancer survivor! I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lympthoma in April 2007. Chemotherapy and radiation were my warriors to get rid of the cancer, and now, I am happy to say that I am cancer free.